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Printing Your Logo on a Tee Shirt is Simple! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 01 November 2010 07:52

Do you love dressing in style? Do you consider yourself unique and different? Do you want to portray that in your style? If so, you are reading the right article!

You will find out all you need to know to print your logo on a T shirt. There are only a few things you will need. The process itself can take time if you want it done right. Overall it is rather simple nonetheless.

First of all you want to decide what kind of tee shirt you will use. The quality of your shirt will make a difference in the printing process. Once you have chosen your shirt you need to gather the necessary things:

• Your Computer

• Inkjet printer

• Transfer paper

• Hot Iron or Heat Press

• T Shirt(s)

You want to have a fairly high quality inkjet printer. Your transfer paper will come in varieties and you want to pick a quality that is right for you. The quality of the paper will also make a difference in the outcome of your logo.

If you want to venture into using software now would be a good time. There are so many different kinds it can be overwhelming. Just remember to pick something that you think would be easy for you. You also want it to make a great tee shirt.

If you have the software or program ready you can start working on your logo. Do you already know what you want? Perhaps you haven't decided yet. You can also do a web search and find places online that allow you to create your own logo for free. You could do that and save it to your computer.

When your logo is ready we can start printing your tee shirt. 'Mirror' your image so that it does not print backwards on your tee shirt. Check and make sure your paper is loaded correctly. You may have to change your printer settings as well.

You can now print your logo. Have your iron or heat press ready when the logo is done printing. It will depend on the quality of your paper to know how long to leave the iron on your tee shirt. Check that before applying any heat to the logo or tee shirt.

Once you've applied the logo you have now printed your very own logo tee shirt. That wasn't too hard was it? If you decide not to go this route, check into the local companies that print tee shirts.

You can find a place almost anywhere offering this type of service. Every company is different and if you want it done right you want to check all the places around you. You could also do a search online to find one close by or that will ship it to you.

Companies offer many more options than software programs. With the software it is really just you doing the work Companies more than likely have an experienced artist or graphic artist on staff. You can submit your own ideas to most places.

If you don't find yourself creative enough to create your own, give the staff a chance to help you. Let them know what you have in mind and they can draw it up for you.

No matter what you decide, you will end up with your very own logo printed on your tee shirt. Not many people can say they own even one piece of clothing they made themselves. This will definitely keep you unique in your style!