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Different Types Of T Shirt Printing Machines PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 01 November 2010 08:03

When you are looking at different t shirt printing machines you may be wondering what the differences are. Although the t shirt printing machines have the same result, they each have their own different methods to producing the final product of the image imprinted on the shirt. There are three very popular types of t shirt printing machines that can produce quality printing on shirts.

The first of these t shirt printing machines are what are known as heat transfer machines. Heat transfer machines are very popular t shirt printing machines and for good reason. One of the best reasons about heat transfer machines is that they are one of the most affordable types of t shirt printing machines that you can find on the market. The price for heat transfer machines greatly outweighs the prices of other types of t shirt printing machines. However, heat transfer machines also offer many other benefits besides being low in cost. Unlike some other types of t shirt printing machines, heat transfer machines are very safe for the environment. Heat transfer machines also give the creator of the shirts more flexibility and control as well as providing them ease of transferring the design onto the shirt.  Another major benefit with heat transfer machines is that you can use them for small orders, while still having the production at a reasonable cost. Heat transfer machines are also portable as they not to large in size and they can be taken just about anywhere you can transport them.

Inkjet machines are a new revolution to t shirt printing machines. Unlike other types of t shirt printing machines, inkjet machines print the object directly onto the shirt. Inkjet printers rival other types of  t shirt printing machines that have to go through multiple steps to complete the process or use intense heat to transfer the image. Inkjet machines also have a very fast turnaround time for producing shirts. This is an added bonus for anyone who needs quick production times to meet their businesses t shirt printing needs. Most inkjet machines can use any type of graphics program and can also print on many different types of shirts that range form one-hundred percent cotton shirts all the way to fifty, fifty shirts. Like heat transfer machines, inkjet machines are mobile and can be taken anywhere.

Silk screen printing is the original method for doing t shirt printing and is one of the oldest  t shirt printing machines out there. Silk screen presses have come a long ways and have made some great improvements. Silk screen printing is a lengthy process compared to other t shirt printing machines such as heat transfer machines and inkjet printing machines. However, despite the lengthy process, silk screen machines are still rated as the top t shirt printing machines. They produce some of the highest quality of t shirt printing and can only be rivaled by a few inkjet machines on the market that are high in cost. Because of this, silk screen machines are one of the most widely used t shirt printing machines.

There are several types of different t shirt printing machines on the market. Each type of t shirt printing machine has its benefits as well as drawbacks. The best way to find which t shirt printing machine will work bets for you is to decide what your t shirt printing needs are and which T shirt printing machine fulfills those needs.