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Dear Imprinted Express

Sorry for sending in my testimonial this late as I've been kept busy with club matters.

First things first, I am extremely pleased with the fast & efficient service provided at Imprinted Express for being able to rush out my big order of shirts at such short notice! :D

The quality of the shirt and placement of the design was perfect, not crooked at all.

I've already passed out the shirts to the rest of my members and they cannot stop commenting how awesome it looks and are proud of it, even adoring it out in public! :)

Now that some time has passed, there has been constant wearing & washing of the shirts and I am very happy to say that the design has not falked off/faded in color one bit! :D It is still as fresh in color as the day I collected it!

Thank you Imprinted Express, I am very satisfied and will be looking forward to engage you with my next batch of items to print! Will definitely spread the word of your excellent service!

Singapore Warhammer 40k Club