If we look like Champions, We will play like Champions! PDF Print E-mail

Hi Herbert & Susan,

Firstly, I would like to sincerly thank you for the fantastic service and the worderful job on our Church Soccer Team Jerseys.

I also would like to mention a special thanks to Herbert for going out of his way in helping us to source for a burgendy coloured Soccer Jersey and doing a fantastic job with the jerseys.

Quoting my boys "This is the coolest printing in the world, If we look like Champions, We will play like Champions!".

Ps Samuel Gift Stephen
Manager Smyrna Assembly Football Team F.C.

Nice Quality and Cheap Price PDF Print E-mail

To Imprinted Express,

Your company provides very good T-shirts with nice quality and cheap price to our club in a short period.

We also very much appreciate your kind delivery service.

Thanks again.

Best regards.

Rao Zhiming
Nanyang Technological University


Other T Shirt Printing Shop Rejected Me! PDF Print E-mail

Dear Herbert and Susan!

i was *just* about to *loose all hope of ever possibly getting the shirts done in 24 hours**,* when you came along and said you'll do it in *SIX*! :D *(all the other T shirt printing shop i called rejected me and even laughed at my impossible request!)*

As i type now,* **I am wearing my awesome shirt* and *the rest of your wonderful T shirts are being distributed to my teammates...

Again, thank you for the very warm and personal service, and the magical 6-hour job!...


Printing was Perfect PDF Print E-mail

Dear Imprinted Express,

We were very impresses by your quality of work - the aprons we ordered looked simply amazing!

Thank you for taking such care in ensuring the printing was perfect, and that your customers always leave delighted with your products.

We'll definitely be back!

Sue Lyn
Flaschengeist Asia

It's Really Pretty! PDF Print E-mail

Hi Herbert,

Thanks for your great effort in printing those shirts for me. It's really pretty.

Your kind patience is greatly appreciated. Hope you have a good weekend ahead.




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